1. Planning underway…

    Festival and screening planning is underway so watch this space! DIOLCH YN FAWR IAWN for all of your support so far, we’ll keep you posted! 


  2. Exciting news!

    The final film is complete!! Festival and screening planning underway… Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Unig so far! 



    (To be continued.)


  4. Storming Rehearsal and Radio Cymru!

    Today’s rehearsal was fantastic. The cast are gelling and really starting to get into the film. The afternoon was followed by a brilliant interview about the film with Radio Cymru, which our young boys were very enthusiastic in. Fab work! Roll on the shoot! 


  5. YAY :D we’ve met our target so Unig is now steaming ahead. Thank you to all who generously gave x


  6. Story-boarding is well underway… 


  7. Kickstarter campaign underway :) please check it out and get involved to help this film be made




  9. DIOLCH Blasus for supporting us with free water for the duration of the shoot! 


  10. Check out the thought provoking raw material of our composer Finn LeMarinel… (The visuals are not for the faint hearted!)